Hauanga Kai

Project Team: John Te Maru

Funded by: Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

The project is a multi-institute collaboration with Technical Advisory Group consisting  of  marae-based  kaitiaki  practitioners, The University of Waikato, Massey University, Crown Research Institutes (Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research and NIWA), the Waikato Regional Council and Waikato-Tainui College for Research and Development. This research project will develop the methodology for synthesising Maaturanga Maaori and science in the context of the National Objectives Framework for Hauanga Kai and identify iwi attributes and bands for Hauanga Kai.

Status: Current (2014-2017)


Sustainable seas – national science challenge

Project Team: Jonathan Kilgour

Funded by: National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Limited (NIWA)

The Mission of the Sustainable Seas – National Science Challenge is to ” Enhance utilistaion of our marine resources within an environmental and biological constraints”. The research of the Challenge is to focus on the development of an ecosystem based approach to the management of our marine resources, which in turn will help to increase their utilisation. Ecosystem Based Management is a strategy that integrates the management of natural resources, recognises the full array of interactions within the ecosystem itself, including human, and helps to promotes both sustainable use and conservation in an equitable way.

Status: Current (2016-Present)

Manaaki tuna

Project Team: Erina Watene-Rawiri

Funded by: Waikato River Cleanup Trust (WRA) 

This research has a special focus on the Waikato River which is both noted in the WRA’s Trust Deed and the Waikato River Settlement; and includes; Matters that improve the health and wellbeing of the Waikato River, the gathering and preservation of Waikato-Tainui histories associated with the Waikato River. This is a multi-year project.

Status: Current (2014-2017)

te wai project – marae water ways pilot (phase one)

Project Team: Dr. Sarah-Jane Tiakiwai

Funded by: The Cultural Conservancy

This project research focus is of identifying, documenting and the protection of six local Waikato-Tainui marae’s traditional water knowledge along the Waikato River.

Status: Complete (2015-2016)



Project Team: Ihipera Heke-Sweet

Funded by: The Cultural Conservancy

Phase Two of the Te Wai Project is to develop and deliver a “Te Wai Training Programme” for marae rangatahi and to create a Te Wai database that is easy to use and access, with a capacity to hold 68 Marae databases.

Status: Current (2016-2017)

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