Oral health research – the international collaborative indigenous health research partnership (ICHIRP)


Project Team: Jonathan Kilgour & Kay Berryman

Funded by: Health Research Council (HRC)


In collaboration with the University of Otago, Raukura Hauora o Tainui, University of Toronto and the University of Adelaide. The International Collaborative Indigenous Health Research Partnership  (ICIHRP) study was a research based on culturally-appropriate interventions to reduce the prevalence of early childhood chronic dental disease.  The New Zealand research component was completed was implemented by Waikato-Tainui, using selected Raukura Hauroa o Tainui clients. 


Status: Complete (2011-2016)


whaanau ora – action research

Project Team: Bryce Turner

Funded by: Te Puni Kokiri (TPK)

The key purpose of the Whaanau Ora – Action Research is to provide action based research services to Te Ope Koiora to most effectively contribute to best outcomes for whaanau. The action research is designed and delivered in a way that adds value to the operations and strategic direction of Te Ope Koiora, whilst still adhering to contractual expectations.

Status: Complete (2012-2014)


WHAANAU ORA – raukawa maniapoto

Project Team: Bryce Turner & Jonathan Kilgour (2014)

Funded by: Te Puni Kokiri (TPK)


The key purpose of the Whaanau Ora – Raukawa Maniapoto project is to provide action research services to Te Ope Koiora. The action research is designed and delivered in a way that adds value to the operation and strategic direction of Te Ope Koiora. This project uses the similar approach to the Te Ope Koiora Whaanau Ora Action Research project, while it acknowledges the whakapapa ties with Raukawa and Maniapoto.

Status: Complete (2014)



Project Team: Jonathan Kilgour

Funded by: Waikato River Authority (WRA)

A collaborative project with Waikato River Authority, the University of Waikato and The College. The document focuses on maatauranga pertaining to Waikato-Tainui connections with the Waikato River. It provides Waikato-Tainui historical and contemporary perspectives on how the iwi protects, restores and connects with the Waikato-River. The project produced two sets of outputs – one being the Science Learning hub material; the second a series of archival tools for the College – DVD resource and archival catalouge.

Status: Complete (2012-2014)


Project Team: Jonathan Kilgour & Okeroa McRae

Funded by: Health Research Council (HRC)

An investigation into cultural connectedness as an indicator of wellbeing. This qualitative research explores the ways in which Waikato-Tainui tribal members reconnect with their iwi and how it impacts/influences their wellbeing.

Status: Complete (2012-2014)


Waikato-tainui mokopuna ora: creating pathways for best outcomes for waikato-Tainui mokopuna

Project Team: Dr. Sarah-Jane Tiakiwai & Kim Southey

Funded by: Waikato Raupatu Lands Trust (WRLT) & Child, Youth and Family (CYFS)

The College conducted this research project on behalf of the Waikato Raupatu Lands Trust (WRLT) evaluating the Mokopuna Ora service that it is currently in partnership between Waikato-Tainui and Child, Youth and Family Services (CYFs).


Status: Complete (2016-2017)

haunui – wellbeing project

Project Team: Jonathan Kilgour & Lynley Uerata

Funded by: Health Research Council (HRC)

The purpose of this research project is to investigate the relationship between cultural connectedness and wellbeing from a Waikato-Tainui rangatahi perspective. The Waikato-Tainui rangatahi’s view about wellbeing is central to the research. For the College to achieve this we want to explore how Waikato-Tainui rangatahi connect and/or reconnect to Waikato-Tainui. The project will investigate rangatahi cultural connectedness and identify elements to increase notions of wellbeing and health. It will draw on the experiences of approximately 30 rangatahi, as they progress through Whaia te Pae Tawhiti, a three-year Waikato-Tainiui Leadership programme structured on Kiingitanga values and service through physical activity and traditional voyaging.

Status: Current (2015 – Present)

Tunakitia te marae : te Arawa marae centres of excellence

Lead Investigator: Dr. Sarah-Jane Tiakiwai, Jonathan Kilgour and Dr. Leonie Pihama

Funded by: Te Arawa Tangata

A collaborative research project with Ngaa Pae o te Maramatanga, the University of Waikato – Te Kotahi Research Insitute and the University of Auckland. Tunakitia Te Marae aimed to research the key contributors of success that will enable marae to be centres of excellence for hapuu development. It explored with whaanau, hapuu and iwi the characteristics that enable or inhibit the success of maraes as centres of excellence; and undertook case studies of successful models for marae that enhance hapuu development. The research explored three themes: mana tangata, mana taunga and mana taiao which are directly linked to future aspirations for marae, hapuu and iwi.

Status: Complete (2014-2015)

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